1 in 50 hides real diamond ! 

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Fragrance: Firewood

Are you fiery and lively? Light WoodZip and let the temperature rise. Its wood fire scent will instantly warm up your interior for a relaxing moment to be shared between lovers or friends. Experience the joy of a fireplace without any effort!

Inside every 50th candle is hidden an authentic diamond.

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  • Made in a French artisanal way
  • Fragrance intensity: 10%
  • Fragrance imagined by Popup and elaborated in Grasse
  • Wax 100% natural
  • Wick 100% cotton
  • Origami eco friendly packaging


Small format: 1 in 50 hides a 0,15ct diamond - 1,1oz – 10 hours burning time (height: 53mm, diameter: 45mm)

Large format: 1 in 50 hides a 0,25ct diamond - 6,7oz – 60 hours burning time (height: 92mm, diameter: 76mm)

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